Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy

At Chem Publishers, we uphold a commitment to transparency, ethics, and the highest standards of scholarly publishing. We recognize that there may be instances where authors wish to withdraw their submitted manuscripts from our journals. This Withdrawal Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for manuscript withdrawal to ensure that the process is conducted with integrity and in adherence to best practices.

Reasons for Withdrawal

Authors may request the withdrawal of their manuscript for various reasons, including:

  • Unforeseen Circumstances: Authors may encounter unforeseen circumstances or issues that prevent them from pursuing the publication of their work.
  • Multiple Submissions: The manuscript has been simultaneously submitted to multiple journals, contravening ethical publishing guidelines.
  • Ethical Concerns: Authors may discover ethical concerns or conflicts that necessitate the withdrawal of their work.

Withdrawal Request Process

Authors who wish to withdraw their manuscript from consideration for publication should follow these steps:

  • Notification: The corresponding author should formally notify the editorial office of Chem Publishers of their intent to withdraw the manuscript. This notification should be sent via email and include the manuscript title, authors' names, and the reasons for withdrawal.
  • Co-Author Consent: All co-authors must provide their consent for the withdrawal. Chem Publishers will seek confirmation from all authors to ensure unanimous agreement.
  • Withdrawal Decision: The editorial office will assess the withdrawal request in consultation with the journal's editorial board. The decision to withdraw a manuscript will be made based on the reasons provided and in line with our editorial policies.

Withdrawal Outcomes

Depending on the circumstances and the stage of the manuscript in the publication process, the following outcomes may occur:

  • Early Withdrawal: If the withdrawal request is made before peer review or editorial processing has begun, the manuscript can be swiftly withdrawn from consideration, and no further action will be taken.
  • Post-Review Withdrawal: If the manuscript has undergone peer review, the withdrawal request will be evaluated, and the decision may vary based on the review and the reasons for withdrawal. Any feedback or insights provided during the review process will be retained for the benefit of the authors.
  • Withdrawal Fees: Chem Publishers does not impose withdrawal fees for authors, provided that the withdrawal is conducted in accordance with our policies.

Communication and Transparency

Chem Publishers is committed to maintaining open and transparent communication with authors throughout the withdrawal process. We will inform the corresponding author of the withdrawal decision and the subsequent steps.

Ethical Considerations

Authors are encouraged to consider their decision to withdraw a manuscript carefully and should strive to do so in adherence to the highest ethical standards of scholarly publishing. Authors are also encouraged to resolve any ethical or other concerns prior to submission.

Chem Publishers understands that the decision to withdraw a manuscript is a serious one and is prepared to address such requests promptly and professionally. Our aim is to maintain the integrity of the publishing process and to ensure that our journals are platforms for high-quality, ethically sound research.

For any inquiries or assistance related to manuscript withdrawal, authors are encouraged to reach out to the editorial office of Chem Publishers. We are dedicated to supporting authors and maintaining a robust and ethical publishing environment.