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Prof. Dr. Rafia Azmat


University of Karachi: Main University Rd, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75270


Dr. Rafia Azmat started her career after her Master in Physical Chemistry from Department of University of Karachi in 1982 as lecturer in Private Girls College. Later on when college is upgraded as first University of Pakistan, She started her research program to compete the level of University. She was awarded M.Phil. and Ph.D. from University of Karachi.  She has a strong academic, teaching and research background now due to her countless efforts in field of Science and technology. She has a number of credits and honors in her career. She build research structure in new University and proved it by supervising 5 Ph.Ds and 3 MS from Jinnah University of women in minor research facilities with poor infra structure. She is also puts her efforts in establishing the semester cell in new charted university followed by establishment of BASR.  The research and development is in continuation after Joining University of Karachi in 2011 where she won NRPU project from HEC. She supervised 6 Ph.Ds and 2 MS under her supervision with three more Ph.Ds in co-supervision with his respected supervisor in University of Karachi. Two Ph.Ds are about to submit while two are on way of progress. Her collaboration is also at national and international reputable universities.

She is engaged continuously inorganizing the international events like symposium, seminar, and conferences and also act as a member of program committees and as international organizers. She presents Pakistan at national and international level with HEC and foreign funding. She has more 130 papers in national and international journals with high impact factor, 5 patent filed (out of which three are revised and submit to grant), 3 Books, 6 chapters published in international publishing agencies like Springer. She has 10 Scopus h index.  She is member of different scientific Societies including ACS. She hasPCSTaward of different categories in her credit. She developed two new advance Ph.D. Courses, i) Photochemistry and Photobiology ii) Ecological chemistry in University of Karachi. Her name is included in the Directory of Productive Scientists of Pakistan. She also participate in the infra structure development of University of Karachi and her proposal was included in the PC1 of University.

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Dr. Sumeira Moin

Assistant professor

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Dr. Ailyan Saleem

Senior Lecturer

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Syed M. Shees Saeed

UI/UX Designer Biomedical Engineer M Engg. Electrical & Computer Engineering

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