The author can contribute the article as an original research paper, short communication, review article and scientific reports for publication:

Brief Communications:

Brief communications should be submitted in duplicate, typed double spaced on one side of the paper only. The matter should be in running form without any subheadings, but with a short abstract.

Full Length Articles:

•Manuscripts should be uploaded through the website or directly mailed to Editor.

•The text should be divided into the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Method, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements (if any), Conflict of Interest and References.

•The title of the abstract must be in bold with first letter captilized

•The heading must be bold in Times New Roman while subheading in Italic

•The number of tables, diagrams and photographs should be properly captioned, clear and concise.

•References must be typed in the following order and follow APA format:

Surname, Initials of first name, year of publication, title of the article, journal name vol(issue): page number. In text “References” must be cited as such, Single Author with last name and Year, (Azmat, 2013)

Azmat, R. (2013). An important role of carotenoids in protection of photosynthetic apparatus under VAM inoculation on Momordica charantia. Current pharmaceutical biotechnology, 14(9), 829-834. 

Referencing two authors:

Azmat, R., & Hasan, S. (2008). Photochemistry of light harvesting pigments and some biochemical changes under aluminium stress. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 40(2), 779-784.

In text citations for two authors referenced as such, last names followed by year (Azmat & Hasan, 2008).

Referencing multiple authors:

Mahmood, T., Masud, T., Qayyum, A., Mehmood, A., Ahmed, W., Liaquat, M., … & Ali, S. (2019). Functional and technological attributes of probiotic yoghurt prepared with Dahi micro-flora during refrigerated storage. Food Science and Technology, 39(2), 267-273..

More than two authors should be cited as such, (Mahmood et al., 2019)

For Books:

Ahmed, W., & Azmat, R. (2019). Citrus: An Ancient Fruits of Promise for Health Benefits. In Citrus-Health Benefits and Production Technology. IntechOpen.

Please Note:

Plagiarism Policy: All authors must produce a plagiarism report (less than 19%) with the manuscript. In case of thesis (MS/ph.D) declaration is required by corresponding author(s).

•Illustrations and diagrams should be drawn with ChemDraw Application.

•Authors belonging to Pakistan will have to pay Rs. 15,000 per article as Article Processing Charges.

•Authors belonging to International countries will have to pay (USD $250.00) per article as Article Processing Charges.

•Reduced charges will be available for promoting the research conducted in the third world countries; including South African countries.

•The Editorial Board reserves the rights to condense or make necessary changes/edits to research articles.

•The manuscript should be strictly in accordance with the prescribed format of the journal.

•Responsibility of the content rests upon authors and not upon the publisher or editor.

•Authors will have full publishing rights without any restriction.

•The journals have long-term preservation services through an Internet Archive.

•We follow the Public Domain License permitted by our journals.

Copyright: Submission of a manuscript implies: that the work described has not been published before (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or thesis), that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, that if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the author(s) agree to automatically transfer all copyright material to publisher.