The Journals published in Chem Publishers are the official publications of the Association of chemists, physicists, horticulture, botanists, analytical, biophysical, photochemical, photo-biological and organometallic food scientists and technologists of International Scientist Forum (ISTF). The journals accept articles in the field of Science, including chemistry, physics, zoology, botany, biotechnology, microbiology, nutrition, natural products, analysis of herbal plants using advanced technology, new developed analytical methods, and drug discovery based on herbal plants.

Articles submitted for publication in journals should strictly follow the editorial policy.

a) The work should be original in the field of Science and Technology, not considered nor published, not submitted in any medium by the Authors or Co-Authors or any related person.

b) The article should follow the aims and objectives of the journals 

c) The article should be written in MS Word Document with the font size of 12 times in Roman with double line spacing in the English Language.

d) Articles should also be clear and correctly grammatically written.

e) Article should be submitted by the Online Submission at

f) Before submission Author should register himself and upload their manuscripts from the Submit Manuscript Module or submit by email.

Chem Publishers have several Renowned Professors from all over the world who joined as Editorial Board Members to maintain the standard of the journals , therefore articles are sent to the Editorial Board Members based on their area of expertise for reviewing.

After receiving the comments from two referees, the comments will be sent to the authors. The decision of acceptance of the article will be completely based on the referee reports like accepted, or minor revision, or major revision or rejected.

In case of revision, the article will be submitted again as a revised article with article reference number

Once the revised articles are received from the authors, they will then be sent for publication followed by galley proof editing by Authors before printing in the journal.

After the editing and corrections are done, the authors will receive the Final Galley Proof to see what actually their paper will look like.

After incorporating the final corrections, the articles will be sent for printing.

The authors receive the Electronic Reprint of their articles. In case of some discrepancies, Erratum is provided in the next issue.