Guide For Authors

Pakistan Journal of Chemistry is an international peer-reviewed journal published in English, with its editorial office hosted by the Department of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan. It publishes original research and review work (either theoretical and applied) in all fields of chemistry, i.e. physical, inorganic, organic and analytic chemistry, computational, environmental, photochemistry, photobiology, organometallic synthesis, nanotechnology, medicinal and drug etc. in the forms of Accounts, Full Papers, Notes and Communications. The authors must inform the Editors of manuscripts submitted to, soon to be submitted to, or in press at other journals that have a bearing on the manuscript being submitted.

All submissions must be in keeping with the Ethical Guidelines to Publication of Chemical Research of the European Association of Chemical and Molecular Sciences. In particular, authors should reveal all sources of funding for the work presented in the manuscript and should declare any conflict of interest. Manuscripts containing animal experiments must include a statement in the Experimental Section to state that permission was obtained from the relevant national or local authorities. The institutional committees that have approved the experiments must be identified and the accreditation number of the laboratory or of the investigator given where applicable. If no such rules or permissions are in place in the country where the experiments were performed, then this must also be clearly stated. Manuscripts with experiments with human subjects or tissue samples from human subjects must contain a disclaimer in the Experimental Section to state that informed signed consent was obtained from either the patient or from next of kin. All articles must be written in English. Authors less familiar with the English language should seek assistance from proficient colleagues in order to produce grammatically and semantically correct manuscripts.

Each contribution submitted to the Pakistan Journal of Chemistry will be sent to independent referees. Authors are encouraged to suggest three (3) suitable referees from Europe and North America (full names and affiliations including E-mail address). However, not exclusively those referees nominated by the authors will be contacted. All accepted manuscripts are edited before printing to ensure scientific consistency, clarity of presentation, and uniformity of style.